Research Foundation

(Reg. No E 1397 Kolhapur under Rule 29 of Bombay Public Trust Act 1950)

enhance research excellence through international collaboration

TMRF was established in September 1997. One of the main objectives of the TMRF is to overcome the normal barriers of traditional education and academic research. This is an internationally focused non-profit center devoted to scientific innovation and research excellence.

Support curiosity-driven education & research

The Technomathematics Research Foundation (TMRF) is an autonomous research organization registered under Bombay Public Trust Act. It conducts research & education  programmes on selected themes in computer science and applicable mathematics. It attracts scientists from India and Abroad  to interact in research and education.

TMRF aims at bringing together researchers from India and abroad, and by promoting contact and collaboration between professional researchers and the growing numbers of users of mathematics and computer science. TMRF events provide a superior educational experience and numerous opportunities to create and build academic relationships with individuals. Especially, it helped many young and bright researchers from more than 17 different countries (including India, China and Malaysia) to build strong research interactions with researchers from western world.  

In addition to thematic programs, the TMRF supports programs of shorter duration such as workshops and conferences, compact courses. Such activities are many times held at various sites.

The TMRF also publishes online open access international journal in computer science. Recently, the  TMRF has announced open access e-Book series project.  TMRF supports open access to content of its publications on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Achievements as a team

  • Commission on Development & Exchange, International Mathematical Union sponsored our first ever international conference. It was on the UNESCO Mathematics Year 2000 agenda.
  • Research grant from Third World Academy of Sciences.
  • UNESCO sponsored Applied Artificial Intelligence in 2003.
  • Successfully organized 3 international conferences on artificial intelligence, and computer algebra.
  • The  International Journal of Computer Science and Applications (IJCSA) - open access journal of TMRF - has completed 10 years of its successful publication in 2014.